Shenzhen, China

SDX-GDA FHD Wireless Video Transmission Individual System

Professional Wireless Video Transmission System

Product Features

  • Light weighted equipment with military back pack frame
  • Very Low Delay(60ms)
  • Advanced COFDM Modulation technology
  • Narrow bandwidth(1~8 MHz) and strong anti-multi-path interference ability
  • NLOS real time high quality video stream on high speed mobilizing vehicle
  • H.264 FHD video stream, SDI, HDMI dual input.
  • Military grade encryption
  • LOS 2~5 KM, NLOS 1~3 KM

Application Scenario

The on-site personnel carries the individual TX equipment and send the real-time HD SDI or HDMI digital audio and video signal to the communication vehicle, in the effective range the front line personnel can be mobilized and shooting any scenes needed.

The communication vehicle receives his signal using the paired receiver, the vehicle can be used as a video analyzing, storage, and editing station.

It can transmit the data directly to the command HQ for real-time monitoring and commanding, and the on-board long-range HD system(not included in this system) can transmit 10 to 40 kilometers from a distance of view while supporting the real-time forwarding of signals via satellite and other means.

Equipment Photos

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