Shenzhen, China

Wireless Video Transmission

Solutions for your needs for wireless FHD/4K/8K video stream in ZERO delay.


Sdison is committed to the high-tech field of wireless digital communication, professionally providing users with wireless digital mobile voice, data, and video transmission system solutions in various fields.

Individual System

SDX-GDA FHD Wireless Video Transmission System

V-Plate Mount

SDX-GDK FHD Wireless
Video Transmission

H.265 Transmission Micro System

SDXH265-P  H.265 Wireless
Transmission  System

A few things we’re great at

We are the leading technologie company in advanced communication solutions in China

Advanced Technologies

We design innovative products that applied with advanced COFDM and latest image codec technology to provide robust real time video communication system for civil, military and government sectors.

Tailored Solutions

We have knowledge and experience to create a solution specific to your operational needs.

Reliable Connectivity

Where cabled connectivity is not viable, Sdison Technologies delivers exceptional reliability in line-of-sight(LOS) and non-line-of-sight(NLOS) scenarios.

Award Winning Product

During the SARS outbreak, our equipment was used in the specialized hospital and was awarded by the goverment.

Sdison provides professional security networks that protect your people and your infrastructure, keeping you in touch with what matters, no matter how demanding the situation.

Success Stories

We supplied solutions that urgently needed by public security segment and military department. The products are also widely used in civil applications, such as: broadcasting, oilfield, electric grid and etc.

Earthquake Department

Our latest H.264 HD System is used in the monitoring system of China Hainan Provincial Earthquake Administration.

Oil Company

SDX-GDA Individual System is used in China Petroleum Measurement Center.

Television Station

SDX-GDA Individual System is used in several TV Stations for live event reporting.

Fire Department

SDX-GDA Individual System is used in Nanning City Fire Department.